Strategies for Social Media Branding

by John Cloonan | May 23, 2022 | Behind the scenes, Blog, Marketing & Branding, New Ideas, The Digital World

A brand is more than just bold colors or a catchy slogan. It is more than a profile picture or a cover photo on your social channels. It is more than a logo or set of colors. A brand is how you present yourself and make your clients feel. Social media is one of the most important tools to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your business. By creating a social network, you will gain customer trust and loyalty. This blog will guide you in creating a consistent brand throughout your social media platforms. Let’s dive in.  

  1. Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles  

This is the first step to success. You must update ALL of your social media profiles, including current logos, colors, slogans, and correct contact information. All the information on your social channels must be accurate. Clearly say every detail that you want your visitors to know. Delete any inactive accounts that you no longer use.   

  1. Find Your Brand Voice and Tone  

Give your social media accounts some personality! It’s important that you humanize your brand and show your customers that you are also a person. You are not just a bot behind the screen. Some examples:  

  • Persona: What does your brand sound like? If your brand was a person, who would this person be?   
  • Tone: Tell us your overall vibe!  
  • Language: Are you more laidback or formal sounding?  
  • Purpose: What are you trying to accomplish by using social media?  
  1. Set Goals for Yourself  

What are your social media marketing goals? Examples include:  

  • Increasing website traffic  
  • Increasing your brand awareness  
  • Building an online community  
  • Increasing social media engagement  
  1. Identify Your Target Audience  

Not everyone is going to be in your target audience. What are the demographics that most identify with your business? Look at details like gender, age, and location. Here are a few more helpful tips:  

  • Find out which social media platforms attract your audience most. Facebook tends to capture an older crowd, while Instagram and Twitter capture a younger generation.   
  • What content should you post to engage with your target audience?  
  • What are their other interests besides your product or service?   
  1. Use Your Brand Name and Logo  

Your logo will print an image in your audience’s mind. Always keep your logo visible, as it will help distinguish your brand from other brands online. Why should you use your logo?  

  • Your logo helps to promote your products or services and, 
  • Helps consumers identify your brand and, 
  • Guarantees consistency and captures attention  
  1. Create Attractive and Engaging Social Media Content  

Create memorable social media posts! Visual content and engaging content are key.   

  • Use colorful images that will stand out  
  • Create engaging content that encourages your followers to leave comments and ask questions  
  • Use trendy hashtags  

Social media is an important tool to use when creating and growing your brand. It allows users to communicate, engage, and spread knowledge. It takes time to build brand recognition on social media. The helpful tips above will guide you to be successful, effective, and interactive with your social media branding.   

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