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by John Cloonan | Feb 21, 2022 | Marketing & Branding, New Ideas

Social media is here to stay. We know this much. What many people don’t know is how to make the most of their social media channels. Most everyone is connected to social media in some way or form. 57.6% of the world’s population uses social media and the average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes. An effective social media strategy helps businesses reach out to and engage with clients as well as potential clients. This blog post explores four ways to make sure your business is maximizing your social media strategy. 

Know Your Audience 

Connecting with your audience is so important! In order to connect, you need to know who your audience is. What are their wants and needs? What are some ways you can better understand your audience? 

  • Pay attention to demographics: Gender, age, location, and even languages are important to pay attention to.  
  • Engage in conversation with them: Start conversations about industry news, ask questions, create polls, and set up contests.  
  • Collect feedback: Create surveys, hold Q&A sessions, and respond to DMs.  

Once you understand who your audience is, you will be better equipped and more confident to help them. People want to work with businesses who show empathy and genuine interest in learning more about their customers. Get to know your followers and show them what you’re about! 

 Have goals and objectives 

Not everyone has a solid plan when their business first starts out on social media. That’s okay! You want to at least have a goal of some kind. Big or small. It can be as small as gaining 5 followers for the upcoming week! It is something to keep you motivated in wanting to keep up your social media presence. A great way to measure goals is by using the SMART strategy. 

  • Specific: What do you want to do? 
  • Measurable: How will you track your progress? 
  • Attainable: Is your goal attainable? 
  • Relevant: Is the goal relevant to your company? 
  • Time-based: How long will it take you to complete your goal?  

 Craft your social media content 

Everything you post on social media should be carefully thought out. Don’t just post something to post something. Make sure this post means something to your audience. Is it relevant to them?  

Let’s dive into the various social media platforms you may be using and the most effective ways to use them.  

  • Facebook: One of the most popular social platforms. Very good for posting entertaining content and news. 
  • Instagram: The most important social platform for visual content. Images and even short videos work well. 
  • TikTok: A great way to take short interactive videos that will get your followers excited about your brand.  
  • Twitter: Can be used for any business and gives you the opportunity to stay true to your voice and follow others in the same industry.  
  • LinkedIn: Mostly used for professional networking. This is perfect if one of your goals is to connect with B2B audiences. 

Once you have experimented with different platforms, you can focus on the ones you think will do best for your business.  

Humanize your brand 

Social media is an important way to communicate with your audience, but sometimes it is hard to detect emotion through a screen. Show your audience that you aren’t robots! You are a human as well. How can you do that? 

  • Give a tour of your office
  • Interview your employees 
  • Take headshots 

This will help the audience connect to your brand. You get to tell them who are, what your values are, and what you believe in.  

Benefits of Social Media Outweigh Challenges

Social media marketing can be challenging, but the benefits will help your business tremendously. Use these four strategies to up your social media game and let your brand’s values shine through. Connect with your audience and let them know who YOU are. Take control of your narrative and create winning social networks!  

Audacity Marketing specializes in social media strategy and creation. We know marketing strategy and create great content that gets results in the channels where your audience lives. More questions? Reach out today! 

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