How the creative process works & why it matters

by Teddy Pierre | Jan 31, 2022 | Behind the scenes, Design Inspiration

There are many advantages to working with a creative agency to make your vision come to life. A few benefits are an established creative process, skills specialization, deep product and brand knowledge, creative diversity, and team collaboration. This post will focus on the established creative process.
Everybody’s creative process is a bit different. Let me tell you about mine. I can break mine down into four steps.

  • Step one – discovery
  • Step two – inspiration
  • Step three – creation
  • Step four – refinement

Step one: Discovery

My first step when I’m looking to create for a client is asking them what their vision is for the final product. I’ll ask about their interest and pieces of work they enjoy to get a feel for what’s pleasing to their eyes. For example, if I’m designing a logo, I’ll ask the client to name three logos they love. Lastly, I’ll ask for a primary color if they don’t already have a color palette. Once I have an idea, I look to see if I’ve ever created something similar.

Step two: Inspiration

Let’s say I’m creating a post for a client that sells real estate and they love typography designs. My goal from there is to come up with a concept that shows a marriage between typography and real estate. Next, I’ll find some beautiful typography designs and real estate designs. Once I find ones that inspire me and move on to step three.

Step three: Creation

Now that I’ve done the research and I’ve gotten the inspiration I move on to creating. I normally create multiple designs. I’ll start with three, pick the ones I like the most and modify those until I finally get two I think are perfect. I like to take a break, sleep on it, and look with fresh eyes the next day. Once I perfect the design, I move on to step four.

Step four: Refinement

Step four ties into step three because by this point, I’ve already refined my design many times. What separates step four from step three is sending the design to the client. The client will always have feedback. Normally it’s minor changes because in step one the client laid out their vision for the final design. I’ll go back and forth with the client until they see a design that’s perfect for them.

The final product’s premium quality radiates the expertise, specialized skills, and use of the creative process needed to bring your vision to life. The value of that design takes your product to the next level, which in turn attracts more customers and grows your business.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Teddy Pierre grew up with the desire to create and transform his world. His parents, both immigrants from Haiti, instilled a strong passion for excellence in him at a young age, and supported his innate appreciation of technology and artistic creativity.

Teddy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies from the University of Buffalo. He is a UX/UI and graphic designer. He specializes in Adobe illustrator & Sketch.

A few words to best describe Teddy are curious, top performing, trustworthy and innovator.

In his spare time, Teddy is an adventurer and enjoys celebrating life, whether it’s skydiving, traveling abroad to experience new cultures, or trying out a new burger restaurant in his neighborhood. He currently resides in Atlanta, with his wife, son and three dogs.