Deep Dive into Audacity’s Core Values

by John Cloonan | Jul 25, 2022 | Behind the scenes, Blog, Innovations, New Ideas

Company values help shape the future of any business. You might not think the values of a company matter, and businesses often overlook the importance they can add. The truth is that company values should guide every decision made for a company. These values are the core of a business. Before creating any statement for your business, recognizing what your company holds important can shape everything else in the long term.  

What are Audacity Marketing’s core values? Let’s examine each and why they’re important to us as an organization.  

  • Respect: Audacity values our employees and clients by understanding that everyone deserves respect. We make sure everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves without feeling judged. Our respectful communication includes good listening, direct and open feedback, regular praise, and paying attention to non-verbal language. Each person is of equal value–Audacity is not a one-person show. We all come together to create the best, freshest ideas!  
  • Innovation: Audacity values innovation in the workplace. We strive to help our clients and employees not only focus on long-term goals, but to reflect on how to disrupt their thinking to create better results. We consistently confront problems head-on and never avoid them. We choose to explore innovation with creativity, teamwork, and a clear understanding of how your business works and knowing what kinds of ideas will succeed and what might fall flat, knowing what your industry wants, and of course, some bold risk-taking to try things that have never been done. 
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is valuable because it allows us to take the bold risk of predicting the actions and behavior of people we trust. We are fortunate to enjoy loyal relationships with our clients and employees. We’re committed to our goal of serving others. Our loyalty to our clients and the people who make up our surrounding communities influences every decision we make. As a team, we pride ourselves on remaining loyal to our community. We’re an active member of Woodstock and Canton Business Club, sponsors of First Fridays in the City of Canton and Menagerie on Main, and are  
  • Diversity: Audacity Marketing was built on diversity. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace is the right thing to do. Basic human decency is about creating a work environment where everyone is valued, respected, and heard. We live in a diverse world, but diversity isn’t always reflected in our workplaces. To be diverse is to be inclusive, and to be inclusive is to create a healthy and accepting environment for employees and our clients. Here at Audacity, we treat people equally no matter their personality, race, religion, gender, size, or age. We believe a diverse collection of skills and experiences allows our team to provide better services to our customers. It also allows us to relate to and understand our clients better, some even on a personal level. When we hire a more diverse workforce from all backgrounds, these employees bring specific skills that can often be just as diverse. The result is that our employees learn new cultural insights, which reduces negative emotions such as racism, homophobia, and sexism.   

These are the core values that helped shape the culture of Audacity Marketing. We strive to have values that are authentic, meaningful, and essential to our company’s mission, vision, and motivation. These values reflect any decisions we make. Our goal is to show our employees and clients that we are purpose-driven, trustworthy, socially conscious, and sincere. Reach out to us today and experience our values firsthand.   

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