Twitter is one of my favorite social media outlets. I wasn’t quite an early adopter, but it has opened me up to one of my favorite things to do: chat.  

If you don’t know what a Twitter chat is, it’s pretty simple. A group of people talk about a topic at a scheduled time using a common hashtag. There are some Twitter chat tools that will follow the hashtag for you, too, like If you’ve never done a chat, I’d suggest a tool for the first time, especially if you choose a very busy chat.)  

With that said, I do a lot of chats around marketing and HR, and a couple just for fun. Here’s a list of my current faves, dates and times (all in Eastern Time, you do the math), and why: 

Marketing chats: 

#contentchat – ContentChat is hosted by Erika Heald, and draws a variety of content marketing and public relations professionals to talk about content creation, strategy, and any other content marketing topic you might imagine. Weekly, 3PM on Monday. Be there. 

#cmworld – More on content marketing by the biggest fish in that pond, the Content Marketing Institute. Also associated with their annual conference, Content Marketing World. It’s weekly, noon on Tuesdays, so set a reminder. 

#TwitterSmarter – As you might imagine by the hashtag, this chat focuses on using Twitter, but it’s not as narrow as you might think. Madalyn Sklar does a great job keeping the topics varied and the audience engaged every week at 1PM on Thursday.  

HR chats 

#worktrends – Work Trends, with its unusual 30-minute format, moves fast on a wide variety of workplace and HR topics. Hosted by TalentCulture, you’ll frequently find a number of known names in HR and culture there. Catch it at 1:30PM on Wednesdays.  

Other topics 

#hcldr – if you’re in healthcare in any capacity and you are on Twitter, you need to be in this chat or you’re missing out. Some of the best discussion in any space in which I’ve had the pleasure of participating. Hosts Joe Babaian and Colin Hung create thought-provoking topics and questions. Be there weekly on Tuesdays at 8:30PM. 

If you don’t like these 

There are hundreds of Twitter chats that come and go like the wind. Luckily, TweetReports puts out the Twitter Chat schedule.  

Looking for a chat about a topic? It’s there. Bored on a weeknight and looking for a chat — you can sort that way, too. Happy chatting!  

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