Algorithm Awareness: Resources for Keeping Up with the Ever-Changing Social Media Algorithms

by Kate Feld | Nov 28, 2022 | Behind the scenes, Blog, New Ideas, Social Media, The Digital World

If you’ve been following creators or brands on social media for long, you’ve surely witnessed their collective distress when their platform’s algorithm changes. Everyone scrambles to decipher the formula for maintaining, if not improving, their reach, according to the algorithm’s latest revisions. Indeed, according to Dayana Mayfield in the StoryChief article linked below, 80% of social media marketers say their top strategy is to increase engagement across all channels. Thus, to best avoid the scramble when algorithm changes inevitably occur, it’s wise to know your resources for staying informed. The following are some of the top resources for staying algorithm aware, across the ever-growing variety of platforms.

  • Storychief Insights: “Social Media Algorithms: Updates & Tips by Platform [Updated for 2023]This article from the Content Marketing Blog promises to update throughout the year with “news, tips, and tricks” for successful organic reach. It covers Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube, and provides “actionable tips” for working the algorithm changes in your favor.
  •  Social Media Today: Keeping Up with the Algorithms This link will take you to the page continually updated with the site’s articles addressing the various platforms’ algorithm changes and news. Plus, this is a great site to follow as a digital marketer, in general. And of course, they’re great to follow on the social media platforms, as well.
  • Hootsuite Blog: “Social Media Algorithms: 2023 Guide for Every Network” This in-depth resource covers what social media algorithms are, how they work, explains the algorithms for each of the top platforms, and offers 7 tips for making the algorithms work for you.
  • Search Engine Journal Despite its name, this site also includes sections devoted to social media, content marketing, and more. The page at the link provides the sites’ various articles on algorithms. The results are not displayed in chronological order; however, they do include news on Google algorithm updates as well as YouTube, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, Instagram, and social media broadly. Search Engine Journal is also worth following on LinkedIn.
  • @creators on Instagram This page includes lots of helpful marketing resources. In fact, if you have a creator profile on Instagram, you can specifically find its algorithm resources by going to your profile’s Creator Tools, then Tips and Resources, and then clicking on Algorithm Truths & Tips. As you’ll see, that information comes from the @creators profile.

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to follow the platform’s own profile on its platform for news and updates.

Be sure to bookmark these resources, follow some profiles, and share this post with your social media marketing colleagues! And may the algorithms work ever in your favor.

Kate is a lifelong learner who now applies her accumulated skills and knowledge to marketing, including strategy, content creation, and analysis. Before getting certified in Digital Marketing Science at Kennesaw State University, Kate completed her undergraduate degree at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta; followed by a Master of Public Affairs, specializing in Nonprofit Management, at The University of Texas at Austin; received her M.A. in Cinema Studies from SCAD Savannah; and, finally, completed her Ph.D. coursework in the Communication Dept. at Georgia State University, while teaching undergraduate film studies, writing, and public speaking. Nowadays, when she's not immersed in marketing or greeting every animal she encounters, you'll find her cooking up a new recipe or crafting a new cocktail.