The audacity to grow your business

and the creativity to make it amazing.

About Us

Why We’re Different

Audacity was founded on the willingness to take bold risks. We have a purposefully different perspective that helps us figure out what risks get results. Our partners are different from each other. We bring breadth and depth of perspective and experience. We combine years of experience and education with the fresh perspectives and subtle sensitivities of having a team that crosses age, gender, race, and culture lines.

What We Do

Branding & Marketing

We use our broad, unique perspectives to create innovative solutions to drive the value of your brand and grow your business. We love working businesses of all sizes, because it takes audacity to start something and boldness to grow it. We help generate and execute ideas, from building the brand to digital advertising to social media and sales enablement.

Audacity and creativity are the last legal unfair advantages you have.

Our Team

The team that makes it happen

John cloonan

John Cloonan

Marketing Guy & Strategic Polymath

John’s the founder of Audacity Marketing. When he’s not racing motorcycles, he’s building marketing strategies for Audacity clients and anyone else who’ll listen.

John’s worn all the marketing hats, from consultant to agency owner to executive to university professor. He’s held leadership roles in industries from staffing to behavioral health to capital-C consulting. He’s branded or rebranded over 100 companies.

John buttresses 25+ years in marketing with an MBA from Georgia State University.

John lives with his girlfriend Suzanne, his dog Seamus, and his daughter Annie when she shows up from college.

Victoria stanton

Victoria Stanton

Project Management Officer

Meet Victoria Stanton, the Numbers Magician who’s redefining the world of finance with a splash of pink and a dash of pizzazz! With a calculator in one hand and a confetti cannon in the other, Victoria has turned the often-dreaded realm of accounting into an exciting journey.

At Audacity, Victoria keeps the operations train moving, ensuring projects are on track and bringing people and technology together to wow our clients. An entrepreneur at heart, Victoria also ignited a second career as a Score Mentor and Virtual Assistant coach, where she helps budding business owners tame their finances. Whether she’s leading a workshop on budgeting or giving a keynote presentation on operations, Victoria’s infectious energy leaves her audiences informed, inspired, and ready to conquer their financial fears.

When Victoria isn’t transforming businesses, you can find her volunteering with numerous civic and human rights organizations. She is also “Chaos Manager” of two teenage daughters, a Godzilla loving 6-year-old son, a busy project management husband, and spunky black lab named Paxton!


Teddy pierre

Teddy Pierre

Art Director

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Teddy Pierre grew up with the desire to create and transform his world. His parents, both immigrants from Haiti, instilled a strong passion for excellence in him at a young age, and supported his innate appreciation of technology and artistic creativity.

Teddy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies from the University of Buffalo. He is a UX/UI and graphic designer. He specializes in Adobe illustrator & Sketch.

A few words to best describe Teddy are curious, top performing, trustworthy and innovator.

In his spare time, Teddy is an adventurer and enjoys celebrating life, whether it’s skydiving, traveling abroad to experience new cultures, or trying out a new burger restaurant in his neighborhood. He currently resides in Atlanta, with his wife, son and three dogs.

Kate feld

Kate Feld

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kate is a lifelong learner who now applies her accumulated skills and knowledge to marketing, including strategy, content creation, and analysis. Before getting certified in Digital Marketing Science at Kennesaw State University, Kate completed her undergraduate degree at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta; followed by a Master of Public Affairs, specializing in Nonprofit Management, at The University of Texas at Austin; received her M.A. in Cinema Studies from SCAD Savannah; and, finally, completed her Ph.D. coursework in the Communication Dept. at Georgia State University, while teaching undergraduate film studies, writing, and public speaking.

Nowadays, when she’s not immersed in marketing or greeting every animal she encounters, you’ll find her cooking up a new recipe or crafting a new cocktail.

James benson

James Benson

Website Designer

James has been building websites for about five years now and loves to play with colors and fonts along with setting up the basic layouts for websites that are going into the initial design phase and debuging issues that occur on sites that are currently live.

When not working on websites, James loves to read fantasy and science fiction novels and has recently taken a greater interest in learning other languages, starting with Spanish.

Jenna cohen

Jenna Cohen

Marketing Specialist

Jenna is a marketing and fundraising professional from Chicago, Illinois. She’s a “Jane of all trades” when it comes to marketing, with extensive experience in campaign strategy, content creation, project management, analytics, client relations, and more—but she specializes in copywriting and strategy because that’s way more fun. Jenna can transform even the most jumbled ideas into a cohesive and meaningful message. She also has an unhealthy relationship with em dashes. If you know, you know.

When she’s not working, Jenna enjoys singing with the Apollo Chorus of Chicago, losing to her friends at cards, beating those same friends at Scrabble, going on long walks, and drinking way too much coffee. By the time you’re reading this, Jenna will also likely be working towards a master’s degree in environmental humanities at the University of Glasgow in Dumfries, Scotland.

Seamus w. Cloonan

Seamus W. Cloonan

Inbound Kibble Coordinator & Chief Begging Officer

Seamus W. Cloonan knows inbound marketing. He’s been known to garner steak conversions with a simple look from his doleful brown eyes. He also combines skilled napping with an exceptional yoga practice, with particular emphasis on Adho Mukha Shvanasana and Urdhva Mukha Svanasana.

Seamus lives with his hoomans, John, Suzanne, and Annie.



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