It’s a new year, and, if you’re a business leader or a marketer, you’re likely wondering how you should adjust your content marketing strategy for the year ahead. Well, luckily, I’ve done that research for you. After reading some of the top sources for content marketing information, I’ve narrowed down four of the top trends. Read on below for highlights of content marketing recommendations are for 2023.

Short Form Video

Every source I read agreed that short form video will continue its increasing importance as a form of content marketing to invest in heavily. As you may have learned in 2022, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are increasingly prioritizing short form videos in their algorithms. Constantly competing with TikTok for audience, Facebook and Instagram now both offer Reels and Stories, as well as Live video features. Plus, YouTube has added YouTube Shorts alongside its longstanding longer form videos. But when creating your short form video content, remember, they’re not exclusively for entertainment. Viewers crave informational and educational videos, as well. While entertaining videos may go viral and draw viewers to your business’s profile, it’s the educational and informational content that will create the ever-important trust and authority your brand needs to offer its customers.

Influencers and Creators

HubSpot notes that influencer marketing will become an even more common marketing tactic in 2023. HubSpot’s in-house research found that 89% of marketers who utilized influencer marketing in 2022 will maintain or increase their investment in 2023, and that 17% of marketers planned to invest in influencer marketing in 2023 for the first time. 56% marketers using influencers choose micro-influencers, who tend to have a higher level of engagement than influencers with larger followings.

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) further notes that creator profiles tend to have higher engagement than brand profiles, and are often more trusted than the brands themselves. Fortunately, Instagram has recently launched a creator portfolio that businesses and marketers can utilize to find the right creators for partnership with their brands.

High Quality Research

Adobe’s Communications Team also joined the conversation regarding content marketing trends in 2023. One of their several interesting contributions is that high quality research will be a 2023 trend. Citing audiences’ concerns over misleading news and misinformation, they note an increasing desire for demonstrably well-researched content backed by data. Adobe even suggests implementing infographics in your content marketing in 2023. They further suggest your business write white papers or conduct your own in-house research reports.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

While content writing AI is not yet trustworthy enough to furnish your content without oversight, marketers are expected to increasingly experiment with and integrate AI into their content marketing practices in 2023. Some marketers argue that AI content provides a great jumping off point and can break through writer’s block with its suggestions. Automation, too, is expected to streamline and minimize the labor investment involved with content marketing. Both these labor-saving technologies will be increasingly important during the potential economic downturn of 2023, when companies, and marketers in particular, will be expected to do more with less.

Interested in diving deeper into the content marketing trends expected in 2023? Check out the following sources for more information!

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