10 reasons social media marketing is a must for every small business

by John Cloonan | Jul 26, 2021 | Blog, Marketing & Branding, The Digital World

Social media marketing is one of the most useful and cost-effective tactics for a small business to utilize. Businesses can easily reach their desired target audience, boost sales, and increase recognition. These are all important goals to have when running a business…but what is really so great about social media marketing?

1. All of your customers are on social media.

Your customers are all over social media. The best reason for marketing through social media is that your customers are spending so much time on social media platforms. With millions of people constantly online, this grants a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience through online channels. Social media is an easy way to go directly to your audience instead of waiting for them to come to you. If you are not on social media, you are missing out on to connect with others and promote your brand.

2. Marketing through social media increases your website traffic.

Your business’s social media pages provide another way to get more traffic to your website. Anything you post on your social media page is a great way to bring more people to your website. Once someone is directed to your website, they will then have the opportunity to learn more and potentially invest in your business. To get the most traffic, it is important that you are consistently posting new content. Content that engages your target audience is the most important. The more content that is posted, turns to new leads and sends them back to your website. It won’t be long before the new leads are turned into customers.

3. Different social media platforms will help you reach specific target audiences.

Another benefit of social media marketing is that you are able to use multiple platforms based on the audiences you want to reach. We tend to see younger audiences on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. Older audiences tend to stick to Facebook. Instead of putting marketing ads on one platform for everyone to see, use different platforms and more people will be available. The key to getting the most out of social media marketing is to carefully choose what platforms will best benefit your business.

4. Social media marketing is cost-effective.

A great thing about social media marketing is that it will cut marketing costs without having to give up results. The social media results come from publishing relevant and interesting content and engaging in conversations with your followers. It is a cost-effective way to advertise, as paid ads on Facebook or Twitter are relatively inexpensive. Even if your budget is extremely small, you can always reach new people through social media.

9. You have competition on social media!

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. There is a high chance that your competitors are already active on social media. This means that there is opportunity for your brand to do really well, but it also means that they might be taking over some of your customers. To remain competitive, you must start working to build a memorable presence on social media. Social media allows you to show off your brand personality, but also shows people your knowledge and passion.

10. Social media marketing improves brand loyalty.

Social media marketing is an effective way to connect with customers and communicate with them in a unique way. It can lead to more loyalty and customer satisfaction over time. Engaging with current and potential customers online helps you form stronger relationships. It is important to show that your brand and business cares about its customers. By doing so, you will be able to turn customers into brand advocates.

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